An Elementary Pali Course

by Narada Thera

1st ed. 1941, 2nd ed. 1953; "2008 edition", as revised by Eisel Mazard

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Above is the 2008 edition of Narada Thera's textbook for teaching yourself Pali, the classical language of Theravada Buddhist canonical philosophy (etc.!).

The "2008 edition" (and its accompanying, revised glossary) is intended to be my final contribution to the correction and improvement of Narada's work. Numerous revisions have accrued since I first distributed a PDF version of the book in 2005, including the re-creation of a few (formerly very confusing) tables.

As with the prior version, I will here make the disclaimer that "…while I have edited the text, I have refrained entirely from editorializing or expanding upon it, thus, this remains very much the text that Narada wrote --notwithstanding the corrections and cosmetic improvements."

The text presents a somewhat simplified overview of the Pali language, and so, while very useful for beginners (or even advanced students needing practice), it would be best to use it in conjunction with the other two textbooks I've re-formatted for distribution (linked to below).

Eisel Mazard, October 2007, Eisel Mazard, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.
Narada's Textbook Duroiselle's Textbook De Silva's Textbook
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    Oct. 2007, uploaded the "2008" editions. Jan. 2007: distributed the new and improved 2007 editions of both the text and glossary, with an html overhaul
    Added zipped versions of PDFs, 2006-08-26.
    Uploaded 2005-10-05, after Eisel sent me the PDF.
    Updated with pali alphabets PDF 2005-10-14.
    Updated with glossary PDF 2005-12-07.

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