Pali Primer

by Dr. Lily De Silva

"2008 edition", as re-formatted by Eisel Mazard

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All files are Unicode PDFs, zipped for your convenience! No special fonts required!

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Download a glossary to accompany the text 180 KB
Download an overview of Pali alphabets 122 KB

Dr. De Silva's Pali Primer is already available both in print, and as a free e-text; however, I was dis-satisfied with the formatting of all of the available editions, and here endeavored to re-cast the tables and layout to create a more easily used pocket-book.

The exercises progress from the very simple to the very strenuous, with just a few brief instructions starting each chapter. Thus, while the book refrains from lecturing the reader on grammar, it can be used in conjunction with the other texts I've re-formatted (linked-to below) for self-study, or it can be used in the classroom (if you can find a teacher).

Intermediate and advanced students will certainly benefit from the vocabulary-building of the exercises, and the rapid review of the grammar

Unlike my editions of Narada and Duroiselle's work, I have not made editorial changes or revisions to this book, but only present it in a new format. This is both out of deference to its author, and because the text did not require the type of extensive corrections that updating the other two (historically earlier) words did entail. Aside from a few added quotation marks, any changes are marked in square brackets.

The main file retains Dr. De Silva's vocabulary list (with Sanskrit roots), but there is some novelty in the separate glossary file that I have prepared, with both Khmer script and classical Burmese added aside the Romanized text. As this is the only part of the text I have substantially changed (in content), it is provided below as a separate download.

Eisel Mazard, October 2007, Eisel Mazard, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.
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